Quiet Storm
The messiness of life helped this passionate photographer cement his artistic identity.
By Elana Ashanti Jefferson

Karate master Gichin Funakoshi famously said that in order to excel in the martial arts, a person must, “purge oneself of selfish and evil thoughts ... for only with a clear mind and conscience can the practitioner understand the knowledge which he receives.” New York  fashion photographer Kevin Alexander practiced karate for years as a child in San Salvador. His father was a karate instructor.

In 2008, Alexander’s then-estranged dad died in El Salvador in an incident about which the photographer knows very little ̶ except that the cause of death was a gunshot wound. As a teen, Alexander was already struggling to acclimate to the demands and expectations of high school in the United States. Then, he spent a year wrestling with his late father’s ghost. “I needed to find something that would keep me from getting depressed,” Alexander recalls of those tough teenage years. “Photography helped me a lot.” So he threw himself into the craft with the meditational devotion of a karate master, and discovered his life’s work.

Alexander cemented his photographic point-of-view in 2012 when he launched

Di Moda (dimodamagazine.com), an independent fashion and art magazine that accepts international submissions. 

In 2015, Kevin Alexander won best fashion photographer of the year in Denver CO, where he grew up and developed his brand. The award brought him a lot of attention and recognition, landing him an exclusive contract with one of the biggest talent agencies in the city, Wilhelmina Denver. 

With in the last three years, Alexander has work with major companies and magazines such as: BALMAIN Hair Couture in Paris, AVEDA, L'oreal, VOGUE, ELLE, Project Runway, Wilhelmina NY, The Industry NY, Pier 59 Studios, AND MEN magazine, Tinsel Tokyo and many more. 

“Kevin is a great person,” says Diana Gormley, modeling division director at Denver’s Donna Baldwin Agency and co-owner of Revolution Management. “(He is) kind, exciting and passionate with huge potential and a bright future.” Gormley has a longstanding professional relationship with Alexander because, she says, he constantly strives to be creative and cutting edge. Commitment, she adds, sets Alexander apart from other photographers. “He is always trying new things and continuing to grow and do more.”

Los Angeles modeling industry executive Marcia Rothschild Moellers notes Alexander’s professionalism. He learns quickly, and moves with the trends. “(Kevin) is a really nice guy who likes to help people,” says Moellers, scouting director for Bravo Models. “He’s just a great guy to deal with.

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